Working Together

Grainwell strives to be a trusted collaborator for food companies, contract manufacturers, and private label producers. Our focus is on understanding and fulfilling your specific needs through personalized service and expertise in puffed grain solutions.

We can work alongside your R&D and commercialization teams to develop tailored natural components that align with your product requirements. Our commitment to customization ensures that our solutions integrate seamlessly with your product lineup.

Working Together

Why Brands Trust Grainwell

As the leading producer of puffed grains in the North American market, coupled with our commitment to partnership, Grainwell has become the go-to for brands, private labels, co-mans, food formulators, and any R&D-focused food company in providing high-quality puffed products and expert product development support.

We specialize in crafting custom puffed grain solutions to meet the diverse requirements of our customers, and this dedication to understanding and addressing customer needs sets us apart.