Grainwell is committed to eco-friendly practices at every stage, from sourcing to production and packaging. We prioritize water conservation, minimize waste, and optimize energy use, embedding sustainability into the core of our operations. This commitment is a testament to our dedication towards fostering a healthier planet. Grainwell’s sustainability initiatives result in significant waste reduction, underscoring our effectiveness in eco-friendly production.

Sustainable Sourcing

Our sourcing efforts are local whenever possible. All grains are non-GMO, and our customers direct us to supply ~80% of their needs as organic, which we are pleased to support. These efforts support local communities and help ensure our products are produced through environmentally responsible farming methods.

Water Conservation

Water is essential yet finite. At Grainwell, we utilize puffing techniques designed to minimize water usage. Our goal is to safeguard this vital resource to reduce our impact on the world’s water supply.

Waste Reduction

Efficient use of resources is key to our waste reduction strategy. We focus on using resources wisely to cut down waste. By improving how we make our products, we produce less waste, helping to create a greener food industry. Our state-of-the-art puffing technology averages yields of approximately 95% making us significantly more efficient than competitive technologies and more cost-effective for our customers.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is at the heart of our environmental efforts. The Grainwell Way incorporates low-energy processes in a facility designed for maximum energy optimization, substantially reducing our energy use and emissions. Our goal is to continuously improve the sustainability and efficiency of our operations.

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