The Grainwell Way

Tradition and innovation meet in our perfectly puffed grains

The Grainwell Way is our process of creating perfect puffed products. It begins with the careful selection of premium grains, understanding the unique needs of customers, utilizing our state-of-the-art puffing technology, and leveraging our technical experience which includes both specialized education and practical know-how – all working together for Grainwell to become masters in the art of puffing to perfection

Selecting the Finest Grains

Grainwell starts with the best: non-GMO and organic or conventional grains sourced from local farms whenever possible. We choose partners who share our commitment to product safety and stewardship, ensuring our ingredients are pure, clear of harmful metals or other contaminants, and pesticide-free.

We only work with farmers and suppliers who meet our high standards for product safety, traceability, and superior quality. Our ingredients are not just of the highest consistency and quality, they’re grown and stored in ways that maintain their natural attributes and nutritional value.

With Grainwell, you get ingredients that are as straightforward as our process: pure, natural, and of the highest quality.

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From Concept to Creation

The Grainwell process continues with a deep understanding of your unique needs. From the initial customer project needs discussion, our R&D team is committed to getting every detail right, focusing on your vision for the final product’s appearance, texture, and flavor.

We meticulously adjust the size, moisture content, color, and texture of our puffed grains to align with your specifications, ensuring the end result is exactly as you envisioned.

The Art of Puffing

The Grainwell Way represents the pinnacle of grain puffing excellence, utilizing the most modern methods to refine this age-old culinary technique into an art form. Grainwell does this through five essential steps, guaranteeing the perfect puffed product.

Step 1: Pre-heating

Grains are heated under normal air pressure, preparing them for the puffing process. This initial step ensures that the grains' natural moisture is optimally utilized.

Step 2: Special Chamber

The pre-heated grains are then transferred to a specialized machine. Here, they are exposed to steam at very high pressure, priming them for the expansion process.

Step 3: Rapid Pressure Release

The pressure within the machine is suddenly released. This sudden change causes the water inside the grains to vaporize into steam, expanding the grains rapidly. This expansion can increase the size of the grains up to 12 times their original volume.

5-Log Third Party Validated Kill Step

Step 4: Final Quality

We maintain strict quality control throughout the puffing process, and all our products are subject to a thorough final inspection. This guarantees that each puffed item meets Grainwell's exacting standards for size, color, moisture, and consistency that aligns perfectly with customer needs and requirements.

Step 5: Packaging and Distribution

The perfectly puffed grains are then loaded sealed in eco-friendly packaging within a controlled setting to keep them fresh and high-quality, ensuring they're ready for delivery to our brand, co-man, private label, distributor, and foodservice customers.

What's Unique About the Grainwell Way?

Unlike traditional methods, the Grainwell way enables maximum versatility, sustainability, and product quality compared to traditional puffing methods, such as gunning. Traditional puffing is often marked by high energy and water usage, inconsistent processes, unpredictable outcomes, and significant amounts of waste. This leads to unsustainable practices, higher costs, and subpar ingredients.

The Grainwell Way stands out by producing superior quality products that are not only environmentally friendly but also efficient in energy consumption and waste reduction. This approach establishes a new standard for sustainability and quality in puffing techniques.