Research & Development

Grainwell’s Research and Development (R&D) team engages directly with customers to determine and execute on their specific product requirements, ensuring every solution is precisely tailored to meet the needs of their consumers.

Partnership in Development

Grainwell’s approach is rooted in collaboration. We align closely with customers to grasp the exact specifications of their product demand. From texture and moisture to flavor, color, and functionality, Grainwell’s R&D team ensures their puffed grains allow our customers to achieve their product development objectives.

Innovative Solutions

Powerful R&D begins with substantive collaboration. Our R&D and food science team, working with your teams, enable us to create components and products designed to your specific market needs. Our focus is not just dedicated to meeting today’s standards; but also shaping tomorrow’s innovations. By staying on the leading edge of industry trends and leveraging advanced technologies, we are best prepared to create new value for our customers.

Beyond Ingredients

Grainwell is your trusted partner for developing innovative, clean-label components for your products. From adding or enhancing product attributes to adding new types of grains and legumes, our entire company is committed to delivering highly-tailored solutions for your evolving needs.

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